A Cornered Spider.

Crossopriza lyoni

A cornered spider is very different from a cornered rat. Our constant urban companions, Crossopriza lyoni is one of the several species that qualify for the epithet Daddy-long legs spiders. As much as people hate cobwebs and getting spiders on their persons, these are as nice as critters can get within urban surroundings. They don’t nibble holes in your belongings, crawl all over exposed food, make annoying noises or do anything untoward. It’s just them, their favourite corner, and any unfortunate flies that come their way.

Oh, and there’s also this funny urban legend going around that the Daddy long-legs spiders have extremely potent and toxic venom, it’s just that their fangs (chelicerae for the arachnophiles out there) are too small to penetrate human skin. All rubbish, of course.


Metadata Canon Powershot G11. ISO 80. f/2.8 at 1/20 second. Edited using Picasa 3.8 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Taken in November 2010 in my backyard at Bangalore, India.

A Cornered Spider.

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