Sign of the Cross. (1/2)


We go back to the first species pictured here at TheDailyCritter, the Argiope anasuja.

Juvenile Argiope spiders are very colourful to look at, having legs and a body of ochre, with just a little translucence that betrays the youthfulness of these individuals.

With age, the patterns and the colours on the abdomen become more striking, and together with the unique arrangement of their eight legs, the two are often the defining features of an Argiope genus spider.

Do take note of the peculiar pentagonal shape of the abdomen, a distinctive feature of many related species. The shape and the patterns of the abdomen are the only ways of identifying the species, barring a microscopic examination of its dental records. There’s still a chance that the spider could belong to the catenulata species, and not anasuja.

Metadata Canon Powershot G11. ISO 80. f/3.5 at 1/60 second. Edited using Picasa 3.8 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Taken in November 2010 at my workplace in Bommasandra, Bangalore, India.

Sign of the Cross. (1/2)

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