The Spawn of Aragog.

Sorry for the delay in posting, everyone. Mr. Potter got in the way, I’m afraid.

To make up for it, I give you a spider that feels like its right out of the Forbidden Forest. The spawn of Aragog and the hunter of ginger headed boys.


Ron, you should probably start running now.

The Spawn of Aragog.

Curiouser and curiouser.

As a photographer, and a spider photographer at that, there’s little that gives you more pleasure than having a critter react positively to your presence.

Jumping spiders are great for that, with their big doe eyes (with a few extra thrown in for good measure) always giving you and your camera far more attention than you deserve. I might’ve compared them to cats earlier, but they are almost canine in this regard.

I’ll elaborate on them later, perhaps, but for now, I hope you like this critter as much as I do.


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Curiouser and curiouser.

The Dragon’s Perch.

Top o’ the week to ya.

We closed last week with a damselfly here at TDC, so we open this week with a dragonfly. Orthetrum sabina is known by a variety of names such as the Slender Skimmer and the Green Marsh Hawk. A dapper sort of fellow, I spotted him in Coorg a couple of months ago.

Green Marsh Hawk.

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The Dragon’s Perch.

Jumping mysteriously.

Remember the jumping spider from before? (You know, the one I blasphemously likened to kittens.) Menemerus bivittatus, yes. Now you remember.


Turns out that they are really skilled at crypsis, blending in completely with their environment. It’s tiny to begin with (about 8 mm end to end, if I  were to guess) and they are really hard to spot on the trunk of a coconut tree, which I found they prefer.

Anyhou, no big lecture today, so I hope you liked the snap. Do come back on the morrow, though.


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Jumping mysteriously.