My car insurance salesman.


GEICO commercials. The only redeeming commercial on American TV.

I really need to start preparing posts before 11.30 pm. Too effing tired.

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The Dragon’s Perch.

Top o’ the week to ya.

We closed last week with a damselfly here at TDC, so we open this week with a dragonfly. Orthetrum sabina is known by a variety of names such as the Slender Skimmer and the Green Marsh Hawk. A dapper sort of fellow, I spotted him in Coorg a couple of months ago.

Green Marsh Hawk.

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The Dragon’s Perch.

Fractal sluggery.


Snails are slugs with social security, really. Lugging around their vulnerability reduction assets around. Pity it does so little against parasites.

I dread the day when new breeds of parasites fail to shock us. We found this little snail on top of a windblown peak in the rainforests of Coorg last monsoon, slowly making its way up a desolate stretch of wet rock.

This particular snail seems to have suffered the misfortune of picking up a few larvae along the way somewhere. At best, these larvae are like little leeches, sucking the lifeforce out of the snail until dropping off, fat and satisfied. At worst, these are larvae that’ll force their way into the poor critter, hijack its admittedly primitive brain and use it like a puppet. (I wish I was exaggerating here. The latter video is not for the faint of heart.)

So remember, kids. The next time you visit leech country, compassion is key. These snails have leeches of their own and few repellents at hand. With fewer hands to use them.

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Fractal sluggery.