Blue is a masculine colour.

Yesterday, I’d put up a picture of the female Ground Skimmer. Turns out that the male skimmer is of a completely different colour, a vivid blue instead of the mottled yellow.

5 Dragonfly 2 Blue

Male spiders are tiny and usually get their heads eaten off. I guess male dragonflies have a slightly better deal.

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Blue is a masculine colour.

Skimmer and Shimmer

Thought I’d relieve that spider overload with another dragonfly.

23 Dragonfly 5 Yellow+Green

This is again on the beachside, adjacent to those Prosopis shrubs that I was talking about in the previous post. The beach was abuzz with dragonflies, and of many different varieties at that.

This is a female Indian Ground Skimmer, or the Diplacodes trivialis. A hat-tip to the Nerdy Birders for ID help, an excellent website on the birds, butterflies and dragonflies of India.


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Skimmer and Shimmer