Birdweek: Fowl play.

Hiya hiya hiya. The Daily Critter’s back! At long last.

So without further ado, I give you the day’s post. Let’s finish the bird week fortnight, shall we?

Last week there were posts on male roosters of the Red Junglefowl and Lady Amherst’s Pheasant varieties. Turns out that when it comes to male cockiness, you don’t even have to be off the same species to compete.

The pheasant was bigger, meaner and had better straight line speed. The junglefowl was scrappier, agile and more limber on its feet. Together, they had quite a few rounds of jousting (for that was what it was, there was a lot of running around and minimal contact,) before the two slunk off in separate ways, reluctantly admitting to a stalemate.


Alas, for there was no betting going on.

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Birdweek: Fowl play.

Bird week: Running afowl.

Hey everyone. Guess what? I’m off to Wayanad for the whole week!

It’s on work, but it’s Wa-ya-naaad! It’s crazy to get paid to go to such places. So anyhou, I may have good net access from there, but I can’t be sure. So instead of posting heavy, analytical spider posts, you’ll all be treated to a week’s worth of birds. Hope you like ’em. Warning: My cam’s not exactly the best for capturing birds. Kindly make do.

(And yes, this was where I got to capture the Phonognatha vicitra on camera for the first time ever, so I am really excited about finding more spiders there. Y’know, so long as it doesn’t rain too much when I’m there.)


This is a Red Junglefowl that I got to see at the lovely aviary at Karanji lake in Mysore. It’s this lovely little getaway in Mysore (behind the zoo, on the road to Chamundi hills) that most people miss out on. I went there once for the first time before I left for the states, and since coming back, I must’ve been there at least four times.

Oh, and the Indian-subspecies of the red junglefowl is known as the Gallus gallus murghi. I’ve come across a trippier subspecies name, but let’s save that for later in the week, shall we?

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Bird week: Running afowl.