Suspended in colour.

Today’s critter is a pretty little orchard spider that goes by the name Leucauge tessellata. A cousin of the Orchard spider I’d found in my backyard earlier.


The colours I love. And the bokeh no less.

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Suspended in colour.

Bird week: Taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Everyone living in India would’ve seen “Eagles” flying around, I presume. Not to diss anyone, but what we see most of the time is the Black Kite, instead, not any eagle. True eagles are usually bigger, have more muscular legs, and usually avoid the scavenging roles that the Black kites usually end up taking.


What trips me out though, is the name of the species. Black kite goes by the latin name Milvus migrans, innocuous enough. However, the Indian subspecies is called Milvus migrans govinda. 🙂

VenkaTaramaNa govinda…. GO-vinda.


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Bird week: Taking the Lord’s name in vain.