And God said, Let there be legs.

and there were legs. (Arachnogenesis 1:3)


Yesterday I’d posted about an Argiope spider that had lost two of its legs in a skirmish that is all to frequently replicated in nature, regardless of scale.

And lo! I find the same spider again after 4 days, to see that it has regrown them.

Online searches showed me that limb regeneration is usually only possible among juvenile spiders, the notable exception to this being tarantulas. This was certainly not a fully mature Argiope, still having to go through a few molting stages to get there.

What’s fascinating is that the legs took but 4 days to develop that much. I wish I’d caught the complete cycle of regeneration. Just when you think that you know everything there is to know about spiders, boom. They hit you on the head again with some insane badassery.

Spiders recycle junk to build decoys, build webs of gold, cleverly use leaves as both housing and as traps, use stupidly simple or ingenuous escape techniquestravel invisible pathways and look as cute as kittens. Add regeneration of limbs to that list.

Bloody hell.

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And God said, Let there be legs.

Six legs does not an insect make.

Some battles end in defeat, and sometimes that defeat can be costly. Lions chasing bisons can get gored and wild dogs that hunt stags may lose an attacker even in eventual victory.

Spiders that go after prey that are too nasty for them can end up in a bad way.

28654959-Lame_Argiope_128654955-Lame_Argiope_2This Argiope “cross” spider is left hanging with only 6 feet, after what must’ve been a quick yet brutal encounter. At any rate, it lives.

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Six legs does not an insect make.