With a bit of backbone.

Thought I’d dabble in something different for a change! Instead of the usual invertebrate lot, I decided to go for something with a backbone today.

Calotes versicolor, better known as the Oriental Garden Lizard, is one of the largest lizards you can find with ease, in India. Unless you’re particularly skilled at tracking down monitor lizards and iguanas. They have a characteristic heart-shaped head, and as their name goes, they can change into a variety of colours.

Oriental Garden Lizard / Changeable Lizard / Calotes versicolor

Unfortunately as my luck would have it, the only decent photograph I have of the lizard is during its boring season – all greys and browns instead of bright yellows and reds. They have excellent eyesight and scamper before I can get to shooting distance with my not-an-SLR-with-a-big-fat-telephoto-lens camera.

That’s all for today, so move along now. And have yourself a damn good weekend.

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With a bit of backbone.