Misty Webbing Hop.

No matter where you are in the world, the next time you get up early on a weekend morning, especially after a dewy night: go out! Be it in the grasses or near the bottom of hedges or just about anywhere, you’re quite likely to find spider webs that are bursting with dewy goodness.

Trapdoor spider (The same?)

Spider webs provide an excellent surface for dew condensation (I’m guessing that there are lots of nucleation sites,) and it doesn’t matter if it’s an orb web, a three-dimensional web or a funnel web like that of the wolf spider above, they’ll stand out shining.

And if you pay enough attention, you’ll find the spider hidden underneath the waterdrops somewhere.

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Misty Webbing Hop.

It’s mine, I tell you.

Today’s critter is a Wolf Spider with a no-nonsense attitude.


Usually wolf spiders that dwell in holes or funnel webs beat a quick retreat into their holes when a camera lens comes looking. Not this guy. He’s recently (?) dragged in a dragonfly, and he’s not about to give it up to anyone. Not without a fight, at any rate.

Their eyesight is not exactly as good as that of jumping spiders, but I’ve never had one of those get into a staring contest with my camera before. Standing over a kill, mammals usually growl under their breath. Spiders just give you a look.

Oh, and I’ll probably be off on a little trip with the folks by the time you read this! Heading down to Mysore and thereabouts, there are a bunch of old temples that have slipped under my radar, and then there are some that I haven’t checked out since I was 10. Follow me on Twitter and keep an eye on my other photo blog It’s a long way to Thipparalli if you want to know more.

Cheerio. Tomorrow’s post has been uploaded as well. Fear not, you shall have it in your inbox / facebook wall feed / google reader / source of choice. 🙂

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It’s mine, I tell you.