Jumping mysteriously.

Remember the jumping spider from before? (You know, the one I blasphemously likened to kittens.) Menemerus bivittatus, yes. Now you remember.


Turns out that they are really skilled at crypsis, blending in completely with their environment. It’s tiny to begin with (about 8 mm end to end, if I ¬†were to guess) and they are really hard to spot on the trunk of a coconut tree, which I found they prefer.

Anyhou, no big lecture today, so I hope you liked the snap. Do come back on the morrow, though.


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Jumping mysteriously.

Simon says Jump.

It’s a bit odd that I am posting my first picture of a Jumping Spider (family Salticidae) here on TDC today. This is a snap from back in November, that I had also shared earlier on Facebook.

Anyhou, jumping spiders are among my favourite critters. They are a bit hard to capture on my mid-level camera, in spite of their apparent curiosity and doe-eyed innocence. They’re tiny, they’re twitchy and boy are they adorable.

I found this particular critter on the trunk of a cocunut tree in my backyard. I’ve only identified it recently as a Grey Wall Jumper or the Menemerus bivittatus.

28336459-Menemerus_bivittatusI CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?Don’t you dare discriminate against the four eyed. Or the six or the eight. They can have their cheeseburgers too.

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Simon says Jump.