The Spawn of Aragog.

Sorry for the delay in posting, everyone. Mr. Potter got in the way, I’m afraid.

To make up for it, I give you a spider that feels like its right out of the Forbidden Forest. The spawn of Aragog and the hunter of ginger headed boys.


Ron, you should probably start running now.

The Spawn of Aragog.

Have a little drink with me.

Back in January, I had gone on a little hike with some friends to the Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, just south of Bangalore. On top of the hill is a stretch of exposed rock, which forms a bright cliff face, in start contrast to the green hill below, thus giving the hill its name.

On the top near a little tank of water, a roaring mass of bees were buzzing around. At first everyone was wary, but the majority of the bees just seemed to be sitting or moving on the wet rock, completely ignoring our presence. So I decided to wing it, and went in and sat down in the middle of them, on a dry patch of rock.

28061588-Apis_dorsata_dorsataAnd so I was able to get this picture. It turned out that all the bees were drinking water! I was not aware that rehydration is a communal process amongst bees. You can see the proboscis jutting out and sucking water in. In case you’ve forgotten, remember – bees sting from the other end, there’s no reason to fear this one.

If I’m not mistaken, these were Giant Honey Bees, the Apis dorsata dorsata.

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Have a little drink with me.