Bee the fort!

A wall is only as strong as the bees that defend it.

Wasp Fortress31936014-Wasp_Fortress2

In Wayanad, Danesh showed me these funny little wasps/bees that didn’t sting, and made homes in curious little nooks and crannies.

These were furiously manning a little fort they’d made their own. Let no breach go unpunished!

I would really appreciate any ID help that I get!

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Bee the fort!

Messing with our heads.

What’s got eight legs, hair all over, and messes with our preconceived notions of what is cute and what is terrifying?

This guy.


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Messing with our heads.

Rollers keepers.

Vembar is arachnid Middle Earth, the Narnia of critters and the First Foundation of all things many-legged. A sleepy village on the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, this is not the forbidding rainforest you figured that you might have to go to, hunting for critters. However, two days in Vembar have been my most productive as a macro photographer so far.

27813352-Dung_beetle_in_India_13 Dung Beetle

Above are a couple of pictures of the first dung beetle that I’ve ever encountered. See the long legs that they’re resting on? That’s actually the set the beetles use to roll their dungballs, using the short ones as if they are doing a hand stand. But lo! I close in with my camera, and there it flips, limbs stretched, all defensive, all possessive. Watching me with wary eyes (where are its eyes?!) lest I grab for its most precious treasure.

If Vembar is Middle Earth, then the dung beetle is freakin’ Gollum.

With such a shitty ring.

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Rollers keepers.