Bee the fort!

A wall is only as strong as the bees that defend it.

Wasp Fortress31936014-Wasp_Fortress2

In Wayanad,¬†Danesh showed me these funny little wasps/bees that didn’t sting, and made homes in curious little nooks and crannies.

These were furiously manning a little fort they’d made their own. Let no breach go unpunished!

I would really appreciate any ID help that I get!

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Bee the fort!

You live and learn.

At any rate, you live.

27656517-Argiope_losing_a_waspWe often paint these pictures in our minds of nature, red in tooth and claw, but it is not so.

Be it a pride of lions, a school of sharks or a lone, young spider – the tale is the same. The prey are numerous, they often get away, and the “big bad predators” have to stay hungry a lot of the time.

Above is a snapshot of a wasp (or a fly of some sort) getting away from the clutches of a juvenile Argiope¬†spider. You can see the little white bit of spider silk it’s all but gotten itself out of. The wasp was flying around quite woozily for a while afterwards, having been bitten at least a little by the spider, but clearly not enough to succumb.

The first two tiles of the collage illustrate how the spider can switch between sides of the web, through a little hole that I had described earlier.

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You live and learn.